Hello from Queens

Here to learn, share, and grow in my passion for health, exercise, and generally living well in Astoria, Queens. I want to share my journey of growing stronger, more active, and more engaged in my community while learning about how others around me are doing the same. Please share your tips, favorite activities, and love of the fitness and happiness journey here with me. I believe that health, wellness and community belong to everyone, and I want to share my small piece of this puzzle, of the vibrant community that we live in.

In these times it’s so important to engage in local offerings as well as digital content. My favorite workouts are running outside and doing studio classes on Zoom, and I love the fact that I can join a workout from anywhere! At the same time, there’s something so special about the community bond of joining a gym or going for a run with a neighborhood friend, and I want to share that joy with you.

There’s so much more to life, and engaging in your community than just exercise. Where do you shop? What do you eat? How are you showing up for the neighborhood? There are so many opportunities to learn and grow.

Published by livlikeqnz

Living well in Astoria, Queens

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