Brussels Sprouts 4 All

Two things you should know about me: I’m (mostly) vegetarian, and before I started working from home a few months ago I had no idea how to cook. Enter: internet recipes. Shout out to the online recipe people out there! Big fan over here. Some of my faves in the brussels sprouts arena, and why you should try them:

Cookie and Kates Perfect Roasted Brussels Sprouts: For the brussels beginners out there. Great as a side dish. Super easy to make. Almost impossible to mess up. Prove me wrong.

The Kitchn’s Lemony Brussels Sprouts & Breadcrumb Spaghetti: Slightly easier to mess up if you struggle to multi-task, but still pretty easy, and great if you’re looking for ways to add veggies to your carb life. Also breadcrumbs make literally everything better.

Instructables Cooking’s Bubble and Squeak with Brussels Sprouts is a little bit different. Mashed up potato/brussels combo. Pairs well with roasted cauliflower steaks which, for what it’s worth, stand alone as great dish.

The 7 Day Vegan Challenge: Plant-Based Recipes for Every Day of the Week has a GREAT cauliflower / brussels squeak recipe that I can’t post in full here for obvious reasons, but highly recommend giving that book a peep if you’re interested in transitioning to a more plant-heavy diet. Also worth perusing: Vegan Food and Living where I’ve found 99% of the recipes that I’ve made over the past 6 months.

And if you hate cooking and love supporting local businesses, Vesta has a brussels with grana padano (yes that’s just brussels and cheese, and we know cheese goes well with everything) side that’s SO SATISFYING and worth ordering every time. Also worth noting: Vesta is a great dates spot.

Eat your veggies & Happy Friday!

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