Maria Menounos Is More than a Hair Idol

When I think of Maria Menounos, I think of her arc on Mindy project, and more specifically Mindy referring to her as a “hair idol.” Which is true. Her hair is amazing.

But Maria (the real life version) also has a podcast, Better Together, that brings in experts focused on health and happiness. These are great running podcasts if you like to contemplate these concepts while working out, which I do. The episodes are pretty heavy on banter in the beginning, so you may particularly enjoy this one if you’re into the whole “stars, they’re just like us!” vibe.

Two episodes worth considering on a run this week:

Episode 148: 5 Questions To Bridge Your Mental Health and Spiritual Life w/ Dr. Anita Phillips

This one is about 30 minutes of banter before leading into a really interesting discussion on mental health and honoring one’s feelings.

This conversation feels important right now as so many of us are experiencing new and unfamiliar (or just uncomfortable) feelings.

It runs over an hour. Pairs well with: A 10k run. Or a 5k if you skip the banter.

Episode 56: How To Stay Fit During Quarantine With Harley Pasternak & Maria Menounos

This episode aired earlier this year, when the new reality of COVID-19 was still setting in and we were largely unaccustomed to life indoors. It was really interesting to re-listen now, as we’re heading deeper into fall and looking at potentially spending more time inside again in the coming months.

Runs about 60 minutes, the first half of which is opining on the emerging COVID crisis. (Skip that if you don’t want to relive that moment in time.) The interview, which takes up the back half, is more interesting, especially for the guest speaker’s take on influencer culture and fitness.

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