Exercising Gratitude

Gratitude and fitness go hand in hand. Practicing gratitude is an exercise: the more you do it the better you get, and the more it pays off. And practicing healthy habits is an act of gratitude to your body for everything it gives you.

There are so many ways to treat your body and your mind well. For me, running has always been a huge part of my practice of being healthy. I run to stay fit, to spend time alone with my thoughts, and to push myself to be better. These past few months, I have been more and more grateful for having the time, the space, and the ability to make time for this practice.

I was supposed to run the Chicago Marathon this weekend, which for obvious reasons, is not happening. Instead I went for a long run by myself around the city today. It was beautiful. I took a route I haven’t done in a long time and felt like I was seeing so much with fresh eyes. I am grateful for these moments that I got to share with just myself, in the city I’ve called home for so long but maybe have never truly appreciated the way I should.

There is scientific evidence backing up the benefits of practicing gratitude. And at the same time, it comes with a caveat: it’s not about ignoring the bad, and at times, unimaginable hardships that come our way. It’s a way of healing and putting the bad things in perspective.

I’m grateful to my body and my city and everything they give me. Stay well, NYC.

Published by livlikeqnz

Living well in Astoria, Queens

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