An Entrepreneur’s Podcast for Non-Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs love podcasts. Dean Graziosi is no exception. His content falls in the general “strategies for success” category, so relevant even if you’re not particularly interested in entrepreneurship. It’s a good listen if you’re looking for a little motivational boost, with many short episodes clocking under 10 minutes.

I recently started listening to these during my gym workouts, and I have to say they do not disappoint. If you have even just a few minutes, give The Key to Getting What You Want In Life a listen. You may not think you’re the target listener, but it can never hurt to take a few minutes out of your day to try to put things – your goals, your struggles – into perspective, and this episode really did the trick for me.

Pairs well with: short workouts. Line up 3 for a quick cardio/weight lifting routine. Highly recommend: I Am One of The Biggest Failures You Will Ever Meet and The Easiest Way to Reach Your Next Level.

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