Rainy Monday Reading List

A Selection of Recent “Best of,” “How to,” and “Why You Should Do This” Lists from The Experts for Your Consideration

Gear Patrol’s Best Fitness Products of Oct 2020 includes two running shoe picks

Best Workout Headphones from Self

I feel like I’ve been sitting forever. Like FOREVER. Goop here with some tips on correcting your posture, if you, too, are worried about what all this sitting is doing to your body

PopSugar Fitness is here with a 15 minute jump rope workout. Sure, your neighbors may hate you, but… worth it? (Just kidding, try it on the carpet to minimize noise)

Why the Link Between Financial & Physical Wellbeing Matters (per Well + Good)

Around Astoria

Key Food on Ditmars is being demolished to make room for a Target. So. Many. Feelings. (For what it’s worth I love both Key Food and Target)

WeWork On Demand is expanding services to LIC and Astoria for easy conference room booking per QNS.com

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