Home Gyms Are For More Than Selfies

There’s a shocking amount of content out there on gym selfies. Mostly positive, some so-so. So I guess the moral there is if you’re a post-workout selfie taker and it’s helping with your motivation, keep it up! But if you’re interested in maximizing your time in the gym leading up to that sweaty selfie, hereContinue reading “Home Gyms Are For More Than Selfies”

I’m Not Basic, Fall Is

It was quite some time ago that the internet made its call on fall. Verdict: the most basic season of all. And yet, some things are universally beloved for a reason. The foliage! The crisp weather! Sweaters! The plethora of seasonally specific renderings of various drinks/desserts/cocktails/etc.! On top of all of that it is alsoContinue reading “I’m Not Basic, Fall Is”

Shorter Monday Motivation

The leaves are turning. The days are getting shorter. And yet, the to-do list seems to be getting longer by the day. This sensation can feel particularly acute on Monday morning. Sure, Monday’s got a bad reputation for good reason. After all, it single-handedly kills the weekend. But it doesn’t have to be this way.Continue reading “Shorter Monday Motivation”

An Entrepreneur’s Podcast for Non-Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs love podcasts. Dean Graziosi is no exception. His content falls in the general “strategies for success” category, so relevant even if you’re not particularly interested in entrepreneurship. It’s a good listen if you’re looking for a little motivational boost, with many short episodes clocking under 10 minutes. I recently started listening to these duringContinue reading “An Entrepreneur’s Podcast for Non-Entrepreneurs”

Here’s What’s Happening on this Tuesday (that Feels Like a Wednesday)

IN THE WORLD (OF LOOKING & FEELING GOOD) Winter is coming. So is dry hair. Read up on conditioners before it’s too late. A fun plyo training workout that doesn’t require much in the way of equipment. Quick intro to using weights & bands to increase the intensity of workouts. Hinge & Headspace teamed upContinue reading “Here’s What’s Happening on this Tuesday (that Feels Like a Wednesday)”

Who Needs a Little Push Today?

Sometimes you’re eager to conquer the world and other times you just cannot deal with whatever it is you’re being asked to do (including your daily workout). Sounds familiar? Motivation is a tough thing to harness and especially these days it feels like we could all use a little boost. There’s so much information outContinue reading “Who Needs a Little Push Today?”